ZODIAK GRG Ceiling Units (Dual Reinforcement).

ZODIAK GRG Ceiling Units (Dual Reinforcement).

KWD 0.550 Piece

  • Sustainable, Green Buildings Product.
  • Fire Resistant (Class A).
  • Offers Flat, Plain and Smooth surface finish.
  • non-combustible product.
  • Building life-long service
  • Free of Asbestos and Toxic elements.
  • no volatile, toxic fumes
  • Free of Chemicals and hazardous ingredients.
  • Reduce load on buildings

Description of product

High Quality GRG integrated edges ceiling units (600X600mm, Plain, Flat Finish).

Manufactured in accordance with the international, GCC and Kuwaiti standards.

Dual Reinforcement with Fiberglass filaments and full net of glass fibers, for ultimate workability.

applicable at houses, exhibitions, residential and commercial towers, hospitals and wherever needed to benifit from the GRG quality material for flat plain ceiling surfaces.

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