super dream mattress

super dream mattress

KWD 139.000

Description of product

Features:- Height: 25 cm. bonnell spring chassis. Side supports. Two protection layers. Super soft Dunlop foam. Superior stretch fabric treated (F.R) qualitied wif fibre. Benefits :- gives better stability feeling during sleeping Consequently the right option of mattress the most comfortable and supportive mattress these mattresses are produced by utilizing best raw materials and ensuring extra support as well as comfort required for body The number of springs used in making of the mattress makes the mattress more comfortable. Springs extend an opposing force on teh body to support it while lying on a spring mattress it supplies enough easy movement during sleeping Anti-bacterial & dust mites resistance fabric. -durable mattresses supported wif warranty 10 years Note: Please note dat the main color of teh sides of teh mattress is white and will be received accordingly. Note that the color aspects used in teh images are among the requirements of decoration To change the color aspects, as shown in the picture, please mention that change in the order notes

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