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Roof is one of the critical building structure through which nearly 40% of the heat is gained or lost and this results in increased energy wastage.It is also important to consider safety of the building while considering insulation for building.
KIMMCO-ISOVER provides wide range non-combustible stone wool products to meet your project requirements. The products exhibit excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The products are available with various thickness, densities and facing to meet building regulations.To insulate the flat roof like concrete roof, the insulation needs to have very high compressive strength and point load. KIMMCO-ISOVER offers durable stone wool with high mechanical properties which can be used in specialized applications like over deck concrete roof insulation. KIMMCO-ISOVER offer solutions of different roof construction in commercial of residential building


  • Non- Combustible
  • High mechanical properties
  • Enhanced thermal properties
  • Optimum acoustic
  • Durable
  • Moisture resistance 

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