Ready Mix Acrylic Putty 6011200 - 25 KG

Ready Mix Acrylic Putty 6011200 - 25 KG

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Foochow Ready Made Acrylic Putty is a PVA Copolymer based high solid putty, with graded fillers. It is a homogeneous, thick paste having excellent body filling and very good coverage. Foochow Ready Made Acrylic Putty has very fast and excellent sandability with very good recoatability. It smoothly covers the surface imperfections or dents and provides a levelled smooth finish. It is a general purpose, economical filler for interior applications. It contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and alkali resistance additives.
It confirms to Kuwait Stand Specification 1996/850.


Foochow Ready Made Acrylic Putty is recommended as an interior body filling or surface levelling putty for concrete, plaster, gypsum, masonry works etc. This can be used for filling up open grains of hard wood, MDF and other wooden surfaces, to obtain a smooth even surface. Mostly used in the carpentry work as repair and dent filler. It is highly recommended as a surface levelling putty for concrete surfaces. It is always to be used as an undercoat only.


Excellent sandability and very good recoatability; excellent body filling, ready for use type, easy application, good coverage, economical.

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