Powerkote Emulsion int/ext 6015201 - 17.5 L

Powerkote Emulsion int/ext 6015201 - 17.5 L

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Foochow Powerkote Emulsion INT/EXT is a acrylic co-polymer and PVA based, highly washable emulsion paint for interior / exterior surfaces. It has excellent alkali resistance and weather resistance property. It provides an anti-chalking smooth lustrous eggshell finish having excellent UV resistance. It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives.


Foochow Powerkote Emulsion INT/EXT is mostly suitable for the decorative applications on interior / exterior surfaces like concrete, plaster, brickwork, masonry, gypsum board, asbestos, wood etc. It is recommended for the interior / exterior applications of flats, buildings, offices, boundary walls etc. It can also be applied on wooden surfaces.


Highly washable and easy for cleaning, excellent alkali resistance, excellent weather & UV resistance, provides anti chalking property, offers beautiful lustrous eggshell matt finish with excellent adhesion.

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