Partition wall

Partition wall

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Partition wall is a lightweight, non-loadbearing wall structure. Normally partition walls are made of gypsum board with insulation as infill. 
It is primarily used as a sound resisting wall in a residential, commercial  and industrial buildings.  It is an alternative to brick wall that can offer high acoustic and fire resistance with minimum wall thickness. Partition wall can offer sound reduction up to 60 dB and fire rating upto 4 hr with suitable construction.Modern partition walls needs to provide more functionality than just separating one room from another. KIMMCO-ISOVER provides non-combustible insulation products for partition walls to enhance acoustic, fire performance of the wall system. COMFORT SA Slabs and rolls are A1 Fire Safety as per European standards and has been approved by international institutes.


  • Excellent acoustic insulation:  COMFORT SA provides optimal acoustic performance for better comfort.
  • Effective fire protection:  COMFORT SA are non-combustible and classified A1 Euro-class Reaction to Fire
  • Excellent thermal insulation:  Low Thermal conductivity (λ) provides excellent thermal performance, reducing heat loss for residential and commercial buildings
  • Dimensional stability COMFORT SA doesn’t shrink, and sustain its dimension during temperature changes.    
  • KIMMCO-Isover has the range of stone wool insulation and expertise to support you with your wall insulation. KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation products can help you solve standard or tricky Dry Lining challenges for Masonry/Concrete Wall combinations. The KIMMCO-Isover has many benefits, including:
  • Optimum sound insulation can be achieved when the studwork between the plasterboard linings is completely filled and decoupled.

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