Multi Kleen - Universal Liquid Detergent Cleaner

KWD 1.360

Description of product

SANA MULTIKLEEN is an all-purpose liquid deterg­ent containing strong anionic detergents and wetting agents in order to ensure rapid penetration and emulsification . It has a versatile application for cleaning operations of walls, floors, glass, porcelain tiles, engine degreasing or other general cleaning work etc.,. It is neutral in character and does not contain acid or alkali. It will not corrode metal or plastic surfaces.

Direction to Use

  • For floor mopping: (1-2%) Add about 1 litre of SANA MULTIKLEEN to 100 litres of water and use. Apply on the floor by pouring or spraying and rub using sponge or brush or rotating scrubbing machine and mop-up
  • Kitchen areas: use 2% SANA MULTIKLEEN solution diluted with water
  • For engine degreasing: Use 2% solution with water. Use higher dosage for dirty contamination
  • For high-pressure washing machines: Use 1% solution with hot water for getting better results.


  • Eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with water. Wash eyes for 15 minutes. Obtain medical attention if required
  • Skin contact: Avoid prolonged skin contact due to degreasing effect
  • Inhalation: Do not inhale


4 Liter

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