Mat- Roof Elastomeric with Fiber Glass 6018221 - 17.5 L

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MAT-ROOF ELASTOMERIC MEMBRANE WITH FIBER GLASS is an extra-thick, highly flexible which formulated based on elastomeric styrene polymer for exterior and interior application specially roofs. It is specially designed to be highly flexible to cover hairline cracks. It has excellent water resistance. MAT-ROOF ELASTOMERIC MEMBRANE WITH FIBER GLASS which has good adhesion property is able to seal the pores on surface to prevent cracks and further water penetration into the substrate.


Gypsum board Walls, brickwork, asbestos, concrete slab roof, Cementous wall, window sill and balcony. 


• Water resistance
• Flexibility
• Cracks bridging
• Alkaline resistance
• Environment friendly
• Efflorescence resistance
• Environment friendly green product

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