G.P Premier Sealer Interior - 6012201 17.5 L

G.P Premier Sealer Interior - 6012201 17.5 L

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G.P Premier Sealer Interior - 6012201 is a special styrene acrylic based emulsion sealer clear with excellent penetration and sealing property on cementitious surfaces. It has excellent adhesion and moderate alkali resistance to the surfaces. It is a general-purpose primer sealer for masonry works. It is suitable for interior applications. It contains anti fungal and anti bacterial additives.

Recommended Uses:

FOOCHOW G.P. Primer Sealer for Masonry is a general purpose primer clear for cementitious surface. Since it has excellent penetration and sealing properties, it is suitable for the application on more porous and a little chalky type surfaces. It is used for the interior applications on concrete, plaster, asbestos, gypsum, brickwork etc.

Excellent penetration and sealing property, excellent adhesion, moderate alkali
resistance, suitable for more porous substrates.

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