Bright Aluminium Paint 4035531 - 16 L

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Foochow Aluminium Paint-E is a heat resistant paint up to 250 C and is based on pure metallic aluminium flakes dispersed in a special synthetic binder. It offers very good heat resistance, weather resistance and outstanding water resistance. It has excellent adhesion on variety of primers with high lustrous appearance.


It is recommended as a general-purpose heat resistant coating for electric poles, exhaust pipes, radiators, iron towers, pipe etc. It can also be used as protective and decorative coating, over primed metals and wooden surfaces. It is always recommended to mix well before use. It is desirable to allow a minimum drying time of 2 - 3 days for full cure of the film before exposing to heat.


Very good heat resistance, outstanding water and weather resistance, bright, lustrous appearance, heat resistance up to 250oC

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