Alkali Resistance Sealer 6013220 - 18 L

Alkali Resistance Sealer 6013220 - 18 L

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Foochow Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer is a special Co-polymer based emulsion sealer clear with excellent penetration and sealing property on cementitious surfaces. It has excellent adhesion and moderate alkali resistance to the surfaces. It is a general-purpose primer sealer for masonry works. It is suitable for interior / exterior applications. It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives.

It conforms to Kuwait standard Specifications 14, 513/1994.


Foochow Alkali Resistant Primer Sealer for Masonry is a general-purpose primer clear for cementitious surface. Since it has excellent penetration and sealing properties, it is suitable for the application on more porous and a little chalky type surface. It is used for the interior / exterior applications on concrete, plaster, asbestos, gypsum, brickwork etc.


Excellent penetration and sealing property, excellent adhesion, moderate alkali resistance, suitable for more porous substrates.

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