Air Drying Zinc Phosphate Primer 4023300 - 17.5 L

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A general-purpose alkyd based anti-corrosive primer with zinc phosphate pigments, for the protection of steel surfaces against corrosion in industrial and moderate corrosive environments. The product offers good levelling and high coverage with excellent adhesion on steel substrates. It is an economical anticorrosive primer for general-purpose applications.


It is recommended for steel structures and surfaces in domestic and corrosive environments. It has good hiding power and can hid minor surface imperfections or stains on surfaces. It is used for air drying purpose only. It can be over coated with Foochow alkyd-based paints. It is suitable for interior and exterior use in alkyd systems.


Excellent adhesion, good coverage and hiding power, non-toxic pigments, anticorrosive property on steel surfaces, hides minor surface imperfections and stains on surfaces, economical.

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