2 MM Supercoat Texture - 30 KG

2 MM Supercoat Texture - 30 KG

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Foochow Supercoat is a highly quality acrylic copolymer based, textured emulsion paint with very good alkali resistance and weather resistance. It is specially formulated by reinforcement of graded hard medium size aggregates and with moderate drying time to provide easily the specific texture and appearance. It can withstand the hostile humid and extreme climate of the Gulf. It is very tough and durable coating with a long lasting protection to the surface. It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives.
It conforms to Kuwait Stand Specification TT-C- 555B


Foochow Supercoat is recommended as an interior / exterior wall finish to concrete, plaster, gypsum board, asbestos, wood etc. for a specific groove textured and appearances. For uniform texture and appearance, the surface has to be properly levelled and primed, prior to apply Foochow Supercoat. It is highly suitable for villas, industrial and commercial buildings, museums, exhibition centres etc. Over coating with Foochow Acrylic Clear will reduce the dust collection on the surface.


Very Good weather and UV resistance, very good alkali resistance, specific design textured appearance, long lasting protection, very good adhesion, withstand the hostile Gulf Climate.

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