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Soor Street - Almarzooq Building - Second Floor Office 13 - KW
Kuwait Industrial Platform
Soor Street - Almarzooq Building - Second Floor Office 13 , KW
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Kuwait Industries Union

Union in brief


Kuwait Industries Union was established in 1989 as a nonprofit organizational institute for investors in the industrial sector in Kuwait under the decision, number 1178, of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, for the year 1989.

The Union aims to serve the industry and its industrialists and take care of their interests by improving their performance, upgrading and supporting the national economy.

KIU also aims to raise the level of workers in the technical aspects through developing their abilities by doing the following:

  1. Serving the industrial facilities, and raising the will and capacity of development.
  2. Conducting technical, economical, and statistical studies and researches, and issuing specialized publications to serve KIU's members.
  3. Offering training courses and technical programs for the members and workers in the industrial sector.
  4. Raising the professional and technical level of the industrial sector, taking care of the interests of the members and encouraging national manpower.
  5. Cooperating with government agencies and institutes in studying recommendations that aim at strengthening the industry in Kuwait and its prosperity.
  6. Cooperating with Arab and international unions, associations and similar institutes with regard to the objectives of the Union.
  7. Holding industrial conferences or seminars related to industry and participating in such conferences and seminars, locally and internationally.


Our mission is to spread awareness, educate, engage more youth in the industrial sector, and to support our members in all ways.


Our vision is based on HH's recommendation; that Kuwait should not rely only on oil as the main source of income.